UMS® Union Membership System


Grievance Tracking Subsystem Highlights.....

  • This System was designed to track the status of a Members Grievance. As a grievance is placed, including verbal grievances, it is entered into the system in its entirety.

  • Each grievance includes the detailed demographics of the member, the detail of the grievance, and the status of the grievance including resolution.

  • As the Grievance is entered into the system a letter (from a list of up to 100 letters) is generated automatically for the Company Representative and the Member, detailing the Grievance and stating the requested resolution.

  • As responses are returned they are entered into the system, allowing total tracking of each grievance.

  • A host of reports are available through this system allowing each Business Representative to monitor the cases pending in their Stores.

  • If desired this system may be integrated into an Imaging Module allowing electronic storage of all documents pertaining to each Case.

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