Union Membership System

  • The Union Membership System (U.M.S.™) does not require a Computer Operator, only a familiarity with the day to day operation of a Local Union, and the ability to type data into the system. A few of the U.M.S.™ Features are listed below:

  • Monthly recording of dues payments.
  • Dues billings by job description, department code via a dues billing code.
  • The system can prepare a billing check-off list (or electronic bill) of all members for each Employer.
  • Monthly, weekly, hourly, percentage basis dues billings.
  • Balance forward tracking of dues and fees balances.
  • Multiple voluntary deductions such as Political contributions.
  • Submission of dues/fees that were withheld on paper, electronically via tape, diskette, or the Internet.
  • Recording of payments against the member's outstanding fees/dues.
  • An array of periods per month for prior and current years, and is used for billing purposes.

  • Membership
  • Contains general member information, such as type of worker, place of employment, membership and dues status, billing dates and amounts.
  • Maintains codes and dates that are utilized to report incoming and outgoing members to your International.
  • Multiple year archive of billing and employment information.

  • Employer
  • Contains the employers identifying number, address, Business Agent/territory number, payroll contact/telephone number, General Managers name and telephone number and the contract expiration date.

  • Local Union
  • Contains the Local Union's name, address, telephone, and number designation. The data is utilized by the system to generate report headings and to direct payment of moneys.

  • Editing
  • Interactive editing is performed on all information entered into the system thus, minimizing errors.

  • Archiving
  • Archives are created for dues paid as well as all outgoing members, facilitating reinstatement of members.

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