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PRI~MED 2000™ is an advanced, comprehensive, full featured and integrated medical practice management system. This Windows® based software solution was designed to allow various skill levels of office personnel to manage the information processing requirements of your medical practice. Your staff will enter information only once and it will be used throughout the claim, billing and practice management process. PRI~MED 2000™ supports single practitioner or multi-physician groups and multi-location medical practices. In addition, PRI~MED 2000™ operates in a single computer or networked computer environment and utilizes all the operating features inherent in Windows operating systems®. PRI~MED 2000™ uses the processing network capabilities of Novell®, Windows NT® and Windows® Peer to Peer.

Our corporate mission is to continually improve
PRI~MED 2000™ by developing new an efficient ways to manage your medical practice. We are constantly in touch with our clients, insurance carriers, Medicare and Medicaid to insure compliance. We're there when you need us. For the past 30 years, Quality Data Processing has been building a solid record of  achievement. 

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