Manage Your Organization's Membership,
Newsletter/Magazine Circulation, Contacts,
Benefactors & Supporters


Issue Unique Member Numbers

Automatically Produce
Welcome Letters
Renewal Notices
Membership Dues

Utilize United States Post Office
CASS Certified Addresses
Pre-Sorted & Bar Coded

Gain The Ability To Do Your Own
Mailings !

Your Membership Deserves To Be
Informed !

Have All The Tools to Distribute
Fundraising Materials

We Put The Accent On Service !

Quality Data Processing, Inc.

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Millersville, Maryland 21108-1904
Phone: 410-729-2442
FAX: (410) 729-2422

"Postal Service Board of Governors proposes a 3 cent increase. The Postal Service, which ended it'sfiscal year on September 7 is projecting a deficit inthe range of $1.65 billion, due to a slow down in the economy and high labor, fuel, and health care costs."(Mailers Companion, October 2001)

Quality Data Processing has a solution that addresses the rising cost of mailing. It is our ability to utilize the cost saving options inherent in United States Postal regulations and procedures. QDP will maintain and manage your mailing lists by insuring that all your addresses are deliverable. This seems like a simple process. It is, when you utilize the latest automation technology, CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) to certify all addresses. This means that undeliverable and returned mail due to incorrect addresses is virtually eliminated.
The second step is to utilize United States Postal Service Bag Coding which includes zip plus four coding and carrier route designations on all of your mailing labels. This step in conjunction with PAVE (Presort Accuracy, Validation and Evaluation) services alone reduces your postage costs and your savings will vary based on the number of pieces you are mailing.
  • QDP services will produce Post Office Reports and Assembly Instructions for your Mailing.
  • You will receive labels, sack or tray tags. assembly instruction and Postal Documents.
  • QDP will automatically calculate the best postal rates for mailing based on the number of mail pieces and mailing class.
  • QDP has the ability to e-mail your messages to thousands of your contacts per hour.

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