Collective Bargaining Subsystem High-Lights..........

This System was designed to maintain each Collective Bargaining Agreement and all pertinent information for renewal of Contracts.

It will produce a 'Contract Reopener Worksheet' showing..........
  • Company Name and Address
  • Contact information
  • Expiration Date
  • Reopener Date
  • Outstanding Questions
  • Company Notification Date
  • Negotiation Status
  • Highlight Sheet
  • Contract Meeting Date
  • Results Notification Date
  • Draft Date
  • Draftee
  • Final Date
  • Final Status
  • Date to Printing Company
  • Printing Company
  • Quantity
  • Date From Printer
  • All contracts by expiration date including Duration and Reopener Date
  • Reminder listing of 90 day expirations.
  • Name and Address listings.
  • Letter Generator to the Company Representative.
  • Contracts in need of language changes.
  • Contracts sent to Company for signature.
  • Contracts sent to the Printer.


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